Blogging with org-mode

Wait, what? My coworker makes infinite fun of me because I do everything in Emacs. He’s a proficient Vim user and uses it as a text editor like a master. Emacs, however, is almost a full operating system for me. Even though I haven’t figured out how to do video editing in Emacs (ūüėā), blogging is a task that’s possible to do with it. I run a self-hosted WordPress instance on Scaleway. This is an affordable set up that gives

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Emacs Org-mode

It’s hard to introduce org-mode. Most emacs users are familiar with it or have, at least, used it at some point or another. I personally have only been using it for about six months, but it has taken a pivotal role in my daily workflows. I will describe how I use it and how I have configured it. As always, feel free to tweak it to fit your needs. My use cases Logbook/TODO-list This is a little bit special. I

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Emacs Locale Management and Input Methods

I was born in Spain, and have lived there most of my life. In fact, I just moved to the US 6 years ago. This means that a lot of my spoken and written communication is still in Spanish, mostly overseas with family and friends. Working with special characters non existent in the English language (think √Ī, √°, etc) is not as straight forward as it is on MacOS for instance, where Alt + e + a will result in

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Emacs Go Mode

You will notice how much I use “me” and “I” on this post. This because your emacs configuration is extremely personal. You are creating a “dream editor”, and the options that I pick might not be of your preference. Feel free to make it your own! Back on topic. I started writing Go in late 2015. At first, I used Sublime Text, which I like a lot, but I was a little jealous of those using vim-go and I figured

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Emacs, Lovely

For the last few months I’ve been tinkering with Emacs at a deeper level. I got started with it at my first job as an intern 15 years ago and have not looked back ever since. To be completely honest, I don’t remember how I learned. All my colleagues used it and I got started with some basic modes thanks to them. I suppose I had better memory 15 years ago! For those who don’t know, Emacs is a text

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Chubbs at the Zoo

Great time with awesome people at the Fort Wayne Zoo. This was an opportunity for me to start trying out the geat I’ll start to use for my new project. Please forgive my lack of experience!

My Last Wedding

It is always about her, isn’t it? It’s been a few years and just a couple of weeks ago I shot my final wedding. That smile, that first dance… they never get old. It’s been such a great ride. It has been truly amazing. I could have never imagined I would learn so much from something that started as a hobby. Megan and Jake have been my last couple and I just don’t think I could’ve asked for more. They

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Nuevas tendencias del verano: Water jetpacks

La semana pasada fue el 4 de julio por aquí. Pasamos la semana en Coldwater, Michigan, donde tuve la oportunidad de ver algo que jamás pensé que vería: un jetpack. Está bien, no es un jetpack con el que vuelas sin límites por donde te da la gana; este sistema es una tubería de plástico flexible que conecta con la salida de una moto acuática. Esta salida expulsa agua a gran velocidad que, básicamente, hace que la moto se mueva

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Bittorrent y la nueva nube

Hoy toca una peque√Īa historieta sobre tecnolog√≠a, que hace mucho que no escribo sobre ello. Hace unas semanas recib√≠ mi Raspberry Pi y la he cargado con Fedora Linux y la estoy usando como servidor. De momento la Pi s√≥lo est√° sirviendo SSH, DNS, VPN y SMTP, servicios que no requieren una gran cantidad de recursos para correr aceptablemente. Una magn√≠fica experiencia. Llevo varias semanas experimentando diferentes combinaciones para conseguir un servicio en la nube tipo Dropbox o iCloud. Prob√©

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¬°Est√° vivo!

¡Está vivo! En referencia a un clasicazo del cine, me llena de emoción presentar mi nueva web: Después de 5 meses de trabajo, lanzo la web que utilizaré de ahora en adelante para publicar mi trabajo y promocionar mi fotografía. Podéis seguir el blog (sólo en inglés) que se centrará en fotografía y negocios. Seguiré actualizando este blog con mi vida personal en la lengua de Cervantes. Os dejo con las épicas palabras del Dr. Frankenstein. Namasté.

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