Shows I’m Digging – June 2024 Edition

I’m in a California Millennial type of mood lately and the shows that I’ve been watching reflect it. Just kidding, I guess I was a Californian in a previous life.

In an effort to “grow” in my areas of interest, I have added a film photography channel and a “cooking channel” to my Youtube subs. The use of double quotes is called for.

Back to Film

As indicated in my previous post, I have been going back to film. Unfortunately, my Leica M6 is back in Spain waiting for me, so I’m making good use of an Olympus 35SP rangefinder I found on eBay for a decent price. My plan right now is not to develop the film like I used to or even to scan it. At least not for now. Let the pros do that!


Caleb and Jason discuss film photography in Mamiyamigos. I enjoy watching friends discuss their passions, like when El Mentidero was going on. The problem with this show is that I will surely end up spending more money than I should in photography gear. It’s the price to pay (no pun intended).

Bourdain would be proud

Contrary to what it may seem in practice, cooking is another one of my interests. Particularly unhealthy dishes.

For a few years I’ve been watching Sam the Cooking Guy, which I have been enjoying. I have learned quite a bit about amounts, avocado oil, and how to time things. He has also helped me understand patterns in American fast food-making.

Just recently, however, I found out that his sons have their own channel, Sons of Sam the Cooking guy.. The twist of this show is that Sam’s sons can’t cook. So they try to recreate some of his dad’s dishes with different degrees of success. Half foodie goodness, half comedy.